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Business Services

Here at Success Coaching International we can assist you in taking YOUR life and that of your company/business to the next level in whatever categories are important to you: personal and professional development for you and your staff, financial abundance, empowering business relationships and all related aspects (such as effective management tools, team synergy, restructuring ideas, and effective, yet manageable, expansion).

Excellence in all of these areas, or any other specific area that is of particular importance to YOU, is only a phone call or mouse click away. So, if you would like to make an appointment right now, click here to contact us.

Business coaching sessions are designed to pin-point the areas of your business that require the most urgent attention, in order to produce the most dramatic results. These sessions will be practical and hard-hitting to ensure that you get the most, not only for your money, but your valuable time as well.

Business Services
Learn to be a corporate ninja!

One of Mike’s foundation strategies for all business – small, medium or large corporations – is to conduct an extensive interview process with all employees to find out exactly how they feel about their role within the company, what they like and dislike, what changes they would like to see implemented, and really identifying who they are – both personally and professionally – what they bring to the company, and how you can best make use of their talents and resources. This process has been proven to be extremely effective and insightful, and highlights to management precisely what is going on with their staff, and also shows the staff that the company really does value and care about them.

One point that we try and reinforce for all companies is that “your staff are your best resource” and you want to utilize that resource to the best of your ability. Mike’s unique interview process extracts key information from all your staff members so that you know exactly what resources you have at your disposal and how best to use them. This information is perfect for companies who are looking at making any changes in their organization from mergers, streamlining operations, or growing their business. Please call Mike for full details of this very popular process.

Corporate seminars come in a variety of formats that can be tailored to your needs. They are aimed at inspiring and empowering your staff members/business team and, through the optional use of board and arrow break metaphors, they will experience breaking through limiting beliefs and developing true focus. You and your team are also exposed to the most effective goal-setting technology currently available.

Whichever techniques we agree to use, you can be guaranteed a life-changing and results-oriented experience!

Don’t wait for “someday”, take action NOW and book an initial 1 hour workshop to identify ways we can grow your business, or a 1 hour inspirational seminar for you and your team.

During this session we will get together and discuss your areas of interest and begin developing a plan to take your company/business to an amazing new level, as well as guaranteeing definite results from our very first session together.

There is no obligation to continue with any further sessions, and all future sessions come with a complete money back guarantee. So, what have you got to lose? Or, more importantly, what have you got to gain from contacting us right now to make an appointment?

Mike looks forward to meeting with you personally and assisting you in creating fantastic new results in your company. Congratulations once again for taking the first step, and NOW is the time to take your life to a whole new level by contacting us.

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