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Mike Palmer Who Is Mike Palmer?

Mike Palmer has positioned himself on the cutting edge of the latest strategies and techniques to become one of the country’s foremost Success Coaches. This means that you know for certain that you are only dealing with the most up to date and effective strategies to ensure your success. He has dedicated his life to inspiring people to be the best that they can be, to reaching their goals and living their dreams. He is the founder and facilitator of Success Coaching International and he is now very excited about working personally with you and/or your company, to assist you in achieving dramatic results.

Mike was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and has always achieved exceptional results in his life. He has gained valuable business tools and experience by running a number of his own companies as well as helping others increase their bottom line. He has also had extensive training with some of the greatest speakers on the planet today, such as Anthony Robbins, Jay Abrahams, Jim Rohn, Dr. Denis Waitley and many others. He has added to this real life business experience, his training with Landmark Education and their “forum” and “advanced course” programs, as well as his own training in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Mike has successfully graduated from the intense Anthony Robbins Mastery University and he is always welcomed back to assist Tony with staffing events, whenever he is available.

In addition, Mike has drawn from his experience as a Martial Arts student and instructor (in 3 different styles) over the past 15 years, to create some of the most effective self-development courses currently available in the world. You know that when you deal with Mike you are dealing with someone who has already achieved great success himself, has overcome some very challenging situations and can give you all the key secrets that he uses in his own day-to-day life.

Mike is far more than your traditional “motivator”, and ensures that all his clients leave each and every session, or seminar, with a handful of practical and useable techniques and strategies which they can then personally implement in their lives, at any time in the future. He even goes as far as to offer a full money back guarantee on all the coaching that he does! If you don’t get value and results from EACH and EVERY session with Mike, he doesn’t WANT your money.

Mike truly is a results oriented coach, who walks his talk, and has a true desire to make a positive difference on the planet.

How, specifically, can Mike get results for me?

Mike offers a range of formats to assist people in taking their life to the next level, from one-on-one coaching sessions through to workshops and seminars for small businesses and large corporations. Success Coaching International offers seminars and workshops that range from introductory 1 and 2 hour programs right up to half and full day seminars, which incorporate a number of different topics.

Mike will typically begin by covering what he has found to be the cutting edge strategies in respect to effective goal setting, the techniques that separate those that are able to consistently set and achieve outstanding results in their life, from those who have a fairly hit and miss approach. He also draws from his extensive Martial Arts background to give some very practical examples of the power of focus. Mike makes sure everyone gets involved in his seminars and they are always “experiential” in nature. He knows that hearing something is one thing, but actually taking action and doing it yourself is a completely different story – that’s where the true power lies. With Mike, there’s no “ra ra ra” of many motivational speakers, just proven techniques and strategies that physically involve you so that you are able to leave and utilise your new found insights immediately.

Some very powerful “closed eye” or visualisation processes are also included and participants are forever wanting to explore these further, no matter how long a session is, due to the dramatic results have been achieved with them.

The importance of effective communication will often be covered, whether that be in a family or business environment, and this has been found to be one of the key factors that will make or break a relationship of any description – personal or business.

Mike has a range of other topics on which he speaks and is pleased to discuss these with you at any time. He also has a number of very powerful and challenging metaphors that he can add into a seminar, including board and arrow breaks which clearly demonstrate the power of focus.

Success Coaching International also offers seminars and workshops that are tailor made to your specific needs. Mike has worked with athletes, sales people and entire corporations; showing them how to get everyone enrolled in the company vision and, understanding the importance of their role, and that of their fellow workers, in creating a harmonious workplace.

For more intense work, Mike offers one-on-one coaching sessions, which enable you to work directly with him in relation to your specific challenge or situation and again, results are guaranteed from every session.

Dramatic results have been achieved from these one-on-one sessions, from simply guiding people who want to give up smoking or create empowering relationships in their lives, to intense challenges ranging from assisting rape and incest victims, to helping people overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

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