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“We called in Mike Palmer from Success Coaching International to assist, and we were extremely impressed with some of the creative ideas which enabled us to greatly increase our profit margins and keep and grow our staff (in direct contrast to cost and staff cuts, which was all other consultants were interested in offering).
We have now been able to re-negotiate our contract on much more favourable terms, as well as making a significant reduction in our equipment and rental costs due to Mike’s excellent negotiation skills, and would highly recommend Success Coaching International to any company that is looking for a fresh new approach to building a business and improving the bottom line.”

F. Lowden
Libra Consulting Services


“On behalf of ARK Consulting Group I would like to thank you for your facilitation of our planning day on Friday. The team truly enjoyed your enthusiasm and commitment to them. We found the process stimulating and productive and continued to use some of the methodologies throughout the day.
We would be keen to invite you to attend our next planning day, which will be attended by a greater number of staff. We thought it would be a great idea to have you attend at the end of the day as well to help us consolidate our outcomes.”

E. Eddings
ARK Consulting Group


“I would just like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for all your assistance over the past few months while we have been setting up our new business. Your innovate ideas on how we could add similar services to further assist our clients is much appreciated by both us and them.
I will personally be mentioning your services to suitable clients and I look forward to working with you more closely on both professional and personal issues in the future.”

F. Ferabend
All Figured Out



“In less than one day, you supported me in totally transforming my life.  You showed me how to set and achieve goals that have now taken my life to a whole new level.”

M. Blazevic


“Through your coaching I was able to take myself from a position of total despair, regarding relationships, to a place where I manifested my ideal partner, all within a matter of days.”

Dr. G Panagiotopoulos


“When I met Mike at a networking function I was instantly struck by his enthusiasm and energy and thought ‘whatever he is on, I want some of that’. At that time I was confused about whether I should stay in my current relationship, I wondered if I was achieving my full potential in my career and was generally being manipulated, even by some of the people I truly believe love me. A few weeks later I decided to take the leap and make that first appointment. I now wish I hadn’t waited. Things looked clearer, even after the first session with Mike and with the tools that he has given me to find my own answers, I have continued to make major inroads, even though I have only had a few sessions so far.
I am still working at getting ‘all my ducks in a row’ but friends, family and colleagues have all commented in a positive way about how I seem different – more positive, more confident, more in charge – and I finally feel I am taking stock of and control of my current life and my future and moving in a positive direction towards my goals, some of which I didn’t even know I had. Thanks Mike for your constant patience, understanding and care!”

L. Gazzard

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