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How To Choose A Success Coach

The 5 Keys to Choosing an Effective Success Coach That Will Work for You – Guaranteed!

Mike in Hawaii

Finding the right coach or mentor to assist you with ALL aspects of your life is a huge task. In this day and age where ‘Success Coaches’, ‘Life Coaches’ and ‘Personal Trainers’ are popping up everywhere, looking for the following 5 keys will ensure you get the right person to help you achieve ALL your goals.

1. Does the person “Walk Their Talk”? Have they already achieved the results in their life that you want to achieve, or have they merely ‘done a few courses’? If they haven’t already achieved the results that you’re after, how can they effectively assist you?

2. Are they truly “Living Their Dreams” or are they working just as hard as you? Many so-called coaches are so busy running seminars and doing coaching sessions that they have no time left for themselves to live their own dreams.

3. Does this person have a “balanced life” with a multitude of results, to be able to assist you with any challenge, now and in the future? What you need assistance with now many be very different from what you’re looking for 6 months down the track. Do they have a balanced range of success in all areas; finances, relationships, health and fitness, to be able to assist you with every aspect of your life?

4. Do they have training from the masters of personal and business development such as Anthony Robbins, Jay Abrahams, Denis Waitley and Jim Rohn? Do they have other associated skills that they can utilise to assist you, such as N.L.P. training, a certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Martial Arts instructor’s background? Most importantly, do they still travel the world each and every year updating their own skills and techniques?

Money Back Guarantee

5. Finally, do they offer you a better than “Unconditional Money Back Guarantee”, so if they don’t inspire and empower you and achieve definite results for you with EVERY SESSION, then you don’t pay a cent and they will actually pay you for your time?

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